What is the difference between Bachelors of Applied Science and Bachelors of Engineering?

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One university offers Bachelors of Applied Science, and another offers Bachelors of Engineering plus Bachelors of Engineering and Management and Bachelors of Engineering and society. They are noth computer engineering programs. Which one gives you a better job?
The last 3 degrees come together.


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Well Jenna ,,I have found out after over forty years in this business that the people who manage make the most money. Of course they do it by getting invited to the Christmas party ,,meeting and then marrying the owners son/daughter..It a scheme they teach in the 400 level of engineering social sciences at all major schools.(HA) In my end its long hours ,,no credit ,,no big bonuses and least of all a retirement that will pay the electricity. However I have one thing they don’t have that’s my feeling of accomplishment ..even if its tough…let those guys who figure how long it will take to design a new interface try it, It ‘s like they want creativity on demand, flip a switch and new ideas run out all over the table top ..It doesn’t work that way..but I guess what the other fellows will never get a solution because they are not tech proficient or part visionary. Their design idea is a new opalescent paint for the BMW. What a strain on the lifestyle of a person havingto make choices on colors of their cars…Responsibility for human welfare is paramount to all the BMW’s all the big houses and besides happiness is a personal thing everyone has a different level..Oh I would love to manage a bunch of engineers ,,my week would consist of lunch at the OLive Garden and timely performance reviews..( i bet the review consists of tardiness records and how fast they thought I should be able to design the critical values of a selenium gun)..Let em eat cake is what I heard them say once ,Well i made that up ..the bottom line is applied sciences mmanagement and anything that is not engineering is just a peripheral second best.. If you want money sell real estate..If you want satisfaction and no glory work in the engineeringng dept of a large firm..I’m retired and wish I could pull an all nighter right now, Working ,jamming and brain storming some idea around a snack room at 3 am is really worth the effort.You’ll make life long friends that you’ll grow to admire…Ok there’s my 2cents…from the E

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